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Why Doesn't My House Sell?

Why Doesn't My House Sell? - Long Island NY Home Staging

The Primary Reasons Why a House Doesn’t Sell Are:

While no one can control the location of the property, if that is the negative, it can often be overlooked if the house makes the desired emotional impact on potential buyers.

The pricing and marketing are the responsibility of the Realtor. Prior to enlisting the help of a Realtor, however, it is most advantageous for the seller to invest in a Uniform Residential Appraisal Report from a professional Home Appraiser, in order to determine the true value of their home. This is important because even if the house were to sell for the highest value, the bank appraisal might not meet the sale price and the buyer would have difficulty obtaining a mortgage. Nothing can kill a deal faster than that! The seller should interview at least 3 Realtors and sign with the agent who the seller feels will work the hardest to sell their property.

Staged 2 Sell's staging services will address the condition and likeability factor. Painting, simple upgrades, and/or strategic accessorizing can help even the most ‘market-worn’, vacant, or older house to sell. If needed, we can recommend licensed and insured contractors who work with us on a regular basis, and we own an extensive inventory of rental accessories that are updated regularly in order to keep up with changing design trends. By keeping up with all aspects of the real estate market and its trends, Staged 2 Sell employs every concept, tool and method to Set The Stage For YOUR Successful Sale!