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People dream of living in a 'Model Home'... Why aren't you selling one?


Recently Staged and Sold


Recently Staged and Sold

The necessary ingredient for any house sale is that a buyer must first form an emotional connection to the home which is based upon the desired, or perceived, lifestyle that the house conveys and the buyer wants.

An empty house is like an empty box – there is nothing inside to get excited about!

You have invested so much time, energy and money in creating this new home, but if you leave it empty, you are going to have a harder time selling the house because 92% of prospective buyers cannot envision a lifestyle when none is depicted.

If a house is vacant, buyers will not know where to position furniture, what size furniture will fit in each space, and what the potential is for areas that are not clearly defined. On the other hand, a staged property will draw the buyer in and show the amazing lifestyle that the buyer can have if they buy the house. A well-staged ‘model’ home appeals to almost everyone – regardless of their preferred style of décor!

We help you to prepare YOUR ‘model’ home to sell to the targeted buyer, for the highest sale price and in the shortest amount of time AND we do ALL THAT in the most cost-efficient way!