Why Stage?

People dream of living in a 'Model Home'... Why aren't you selling one?

The necessary ingredient for any house sale is that a buyer must first form an emotional connection to the home which is based upon the desired, or perceived, lifestyle that the house conveys and the buyer wants.


What isn't so easy for most sellers, however, is determining exactly WHAT the desired lifestyle would be for the demographic of potential buyers in their price-range and location. Additionally there is the fact that most sellers have created THEIR dream home – and that might be either too ‘taste specific’ or not depict the DREAM HOME for the type of buyer who would be interested in the house. Most sellers are so emotionally connected to their home that they cannot view it objectively or through buyers' eyes.

That is where WE come in. We can objectively help you to prepare the property to sell to the targeted buyer, for the highest sale price and in the shortest amount of time AND we do ALL of THAT in the most cost-efficient way!

Home Staging, Downsizing Design and Interior Design services for the Hamptons and all areas of Nassau & Suffolk Counties, Long Island, New York